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BotC 2013 Bowl Pick 'Em Contest

You've been waiting for it, and now it's here. Go win some swag, yo!

Well, it's true.
Well, it's true.
Brian Kersey

You want contests? We've got contests.

This year's Pick 'Em contest, as usual, will be hosted by Yahoo! We'll be using the confidence points model, which means that you make your picks and rank them from 1-35; that is, the pick you're most sure of should be at 35, the pick you're least sure of at 1. Unless you really like to gamble and put a game at 35 that you think nobody else is going to value...

And there is a prize! Maybe it's not much of a prize, but we're throwing a little added incentive in. Before we talk about the prize, some legalese:

Participants are subject to the official rules found here. By entering the contest, you agree to be bound by these rules. The following is merely a summary, and shall not be construed as superceding those official rules.

One entry per person/e-mail address. BotC and other Vox Media staff may participate, but are not eligible to win the prize; should an ineligible participant win, the contest winner will be adjudged to be the eligible participant with the highest score. These rules incorporate the official Yahoo Bowl Pick 'Em scoring mechanism and the tiebreaker rules found here. Your picks have to be in by noon ET on Saturday, December 21, to be eligible!

The winner, as determined by the official rules, will receive one t-shirt from the BotC Store. Now for the incentive: you do not have to cash this prize in immediately. You may redeem it at any point between the end of the contest and July 1, 2014. Why's this an incentive? Because we will probably (hopefully) have new designs between now and then, that's why!

So, get yourself to the Yahoo! College Bowl Pick 'Em page and create your pick set. The group ID for our contest is 21673, and the password is chadmay. Why? Because I'm evil. You knew that.