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K-State Slate: 12.11.13

K-State gets beat by South Dakota, but are credited with a win, and at least the Big 12 broadcasters think Ryan Mueller is defensive player of the year.

"Yeah, dad yelled at me. Bummer."
"Yeah, dad yelled at me. Bummer."

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Derek honors Spencer Hall and goes all AlphaBOTCal.


The Big 12 Broadcasters have never before named an all-conference team, but they did for the first time yesterday, and Ryan Mueller was their defensive player of the year.

As always, it's time for Kevin Haskin's midweek notebook, where he ponders whether Mack Brown would like to work for Bill Snyder.


K-State beat South Dakota, and we have hot takes from Kellis Robinett, the Cap-Journal's Corbin McGuire, and our own Ahearn Alley. There's also Robinett's quick-hit breakdown, where we find out that even Bruce Weber has a point where it's time to yell at Will Spradling.

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This week's edition of Bring on the Podcast will feature our buddy David Ubben.