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K-State Slate: 11.8.13

Basketball takes center stage today, but most of the news revolves around the Football Cats preparing for the shootout in Lubbock.

Yes, I am grudgingly admitting that bouncyhoops are upon us.
Yes, I am grudgingly admitting that bouncyhoops are upon us.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I hope you all enjoy your Friday. Me, I'll probably spend most of it stuck in T-Town Traffic.


A LOT of content going into the weekend. For starters: dueling comparisons of Snyder vs Kingsbury from Kevin Haskin and Kellis Robinett.

Haskin's Big 12 Notebook takes a look back at November 9, 1968, which is still a pretty important date, but was even more important before Travis Ochs almost took Eric Crouch's head off.

Daniel Sams and Jake Waters are both in the top five in a couple of important Big 12 categories, but Snyder doesn't think it's enough.

Safe to say the defense isn't neglecting its studies when it comes to Jace Amaro.

Ken Corbitt shines a spotlight on Ryan Mueller and Arne Green peeks in on Curry Sexton.


The season starts tonight against Northern Colorado, and there is a surfeit of educational preview material.


Lady Cats try to turn things around when West Virginia comes to visit Saturday.