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K-State Slate: 11.7.13

Now that the Wildcats have demonstrated their superiority over all things Iowa, bacon is removed from the restricted list. JUST IN TIME.

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I'm going to send the intern a dial-up modem. And a bunch of AOL discs. Good idea, y/y?


The Cats have something to say, and they're planning on saying it Saturday.

Athlon previews the conference slate, including K-State/BroTech. Their experts are split on the outcome.

The Dallas Morning News educates Red Raider Nation on the Wildcats.

Saturday is the Lone Survivor game for Tech, and they'll be wearing special uniforms to honor Purple Heart recipients. Over 400 of them will be in attendance.

And now, it's time to spin up the outrage cyclotron. Did you know many major colleges have trademarked their coaches' names and likenesses... and, of course, the coach is getting paid for it? K-State has a six-page licensing agreement with the Dark Wizard.


I'm sure you already know, but the athletic department is handing out 300 pounds of bacon at the women's basketball opener Friday against Tennessee State. If that doesn't cause a sellout, nothing will.


Road woes continue as the Lady Cats fall in four sets in Lubbock. I hope that's not an omen.


Local profile in the Kane County paper of K-State verbal commit Cory Wright.


NBAF funding may be hung up in Congress.