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K-State Slate: 11.29.13

Come, mighty purple felines. Arise from your slumber and show your mettle this bonne vendredi noir.

Did you see this last night? Did your eyes pop out of your head, too?
Did you see this last night? Did your eyes pop out of your head, too?
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Okay, seriously. Did you catch the end of the Egg Bowl last night? I've decided I won't be happy until an undefeated team sees their season go down in flames on exactly the same play. As long as it's not us. Big link day today, since we've got two days' worth -- and also, because Bill turned the team loose on the media early in the week and the results of that are hitting the papers.

When Missouri left to go to the SEC, I think it was time for Kansas to recognize that Kansas State is, without a doubt, the most important game of the year. -Charlie Weis


Say what you will about The Charles, he gets it. The rivalry, that is. And for many of the young men on the Wildcat roster, tomorrow is deeply personal and has been since they were kids.

Sticking with the enemy for a moment: I hadn't even realized that former Chief Tim Grunhard was KU's offensive line coach. After tomorrow, he won't be anymore.

KU writer Tom Keegan lauds Bill Snyder, and you cannot miss the second and third paragraphs. I mean it.

A win would ensure that only three teams have finished over .500 in the conference in each year of the ten-team lineup: the Oklahoma schools and K-State.

Robinett: another "K-State is making two quarterbacks work" story, but this time you may get a case of the feels reading what Jake Waters and Daniel Sams have to say about each other. (And you're going to realize that the QB controversy really was affecting the team early in the season.) Also, Tyler Lockett doesn't care about his two huge games this season because the team lost both of them. And few Wildcats know what the trophy case looks like without the Governor's Cup, but Blake Slaughter does. He's got no intention of letting it get away on his watch.

Corbitt: the running game is critically important for the Cats tomorrow -- on both sides of the ball. And the team's focused on securing a winning record. Most importantly, the team rallied after the Oklahoma loss.

Haskin's Big 12 notebook.


Lady Cats get bounced again, this time by SMU in the Bahamas. They'll take on Virginia this afternoon at 4:45 in their final game on the islands.


Swept at TCU. Sigh.

State Playoffs:

Star has separate previews for SM East vs Derby and Blue Valley vs Salina South, and a combined preview for Blue Springs vs Columbia-Rock Bridge and LS West vs Parkway Central.


This is also your open game thread for today's buffet of national contests, highlighted by the Golden Boot, the War on I-4, the Civil War, the Apple Cup, and de facto divisional title games in CUSA (ECU vs Marshall) and the MAC (Bowling Green vs Buffalo).