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K-State Slate: 11.27.13

You think SloWednewsday is bad? Have it the day before Thanksgiving.

Gobble, gobble.
Gobble, gobble.
Tom Pennington

There's not much on the plate, and we'll get right at the meager pickings in a moment. But before we do, I think I can safely speak for the entire BotC staff here for a moment: We hope you have a splendid Thanksgiving, whether it be at home or on the road. If you're traveling, please be safe; you're all important to us. And remember to wear loose pants. You'll need the room.


Oh, let's see what The Charles has to say about this week's game. Interesting tidbit: since Mizzou was already out the door when he arrived in Lawrence, he only considers one team his rival.

Weis finally admitted that Montell Cozart is the starter Saturday.

Switcheroonie: Weis made his players off-limits this week; Snyder let a bunch of them talk. That, and more, in Haskin's mid-week notebook.

Corbitt: Who's the best Lockett?

I don't know where Berry Tramel is getting these efficiency ratings from, and they're not as good as F+ -- they're simple drive-based efficiency ratings. But I'm not going to knock Berry for trying to elevate the conversation. Based solely on "drives leading to points", K-State's second in the Big 12 on offense, and Berry wonders if the Wildcats will end up in Baylor's neighborhood after this weekend. Defensively, the Cats are at the top of the bottom half. Berry's got some interesting takes on what it means.

Guess what? Clint Trickett admits he hid a concussion he received against K-State.

That's it. Not a speck of news from Manhattan at all.

Obviously, no Slate tomorrow. Feel free to stay here and use this as your Thursday game thread if you're tired of dealing with family. We'll see you Friday.