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K-State Q&A, AMA Edition: Kansas

This week, we try something a little different and open the Q&A up to the commentariat.

It just occurred to me. Does KU think they're paying by the pound?
It just occurred to me. Does KU think they're paying by the pound?
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

This week, we're going to depart from our normal mode of operation. I'll still be doing a relatively normal Q&A for Rock Chalk Talk, which we'll of course link you to at the proper time. But I'm not going to ask them any questions this week.

No, instead we're going to turn the metaphorical microphone over to you, the BotC commentariat.

Of course, you can't just abuse our guests with impunity... partly because we won't stand for it, but mostly you know them too well and despite their vile mythical avian sensibilities they're our friends. I refer of course to Warden11 and 2.1 seconds left, who have graciously consented to answer any questions you may have about the Jayhawk football program (other relevant KU-related topics are okay, as long as they're legit questions).

Now, normally we don't put ground rules on a post, but we're going to here. Let's be clear: while this is intended to be somewhat of an AMA-style free-for-all, we're not kidding when we say "behave". This isn't an opportunity to troll... well, much, anyway. For today -- and these "rules" will remain in force until 7pm tonight, after which open thread rules resume -- these guys are our guests, and should be treated as such. We're looking to let y'all help to create a good dialogue here. Avoid turning things into arguments; you can follow up, just don't turn their answers into a debate. Also, let's remember the point here is for them to answer your questions... not for the rest of us to answer them. So try to avoid responding to top-thread comments.

So, hit the comments with your questions and our pals will be along to answer them presently. Have fun! BE NICE!