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There's a Hole in My Bucket: OU 41, K-State 31

"Bucket", of course, being "the secondary".

440 all-purpose yards. We lost the game, but we'll win a helmet sticker, right?
440 all-purpose yards. We lost the game, but we'll win a helmet sticker, right?
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

There's really just so much nothing to say about this game. Jake Waters and Tyler Lockett hooked up for 278 yards and three touchdowns; Lockett re-set his own school record for receiving yards, and racked up a ridiculous 440 yards of total offense. And without all that, the Wildcats wouldn't even have been in this game at all. As it was, they fell to the Sooners 41-31, and Bob Stoops is now the winningest coach in Oklahoma history.

The Sooners, whose run defense had been suspect (while the secondary was supposed to be a strong point), held K-State to 24 yards on the ground, including sacks. Here's how bad it was; Tramaine Thompson shared the team's rushing lead on the day, at 17 yards, with John Hubert.

The other issue: K-State's defense couldn't stop the run, at all. The Sooners piled up 295 yards, with Brennan Clay running for exactly 200 while Trevor Knight added 82. Knight was also effective throwing, hitting 14 of 20 attempts for 171 yards.

The Sooners pointedly attacked the gaping hole left by Ty Zimmerman's injury. At no point did the coaching staff switch things up; perhaps throwing someone like Carl Miles in there -- regardless of the fact that he's actually a cornerback -- might have had some effect. The problem with Dylan Schellenberg is not that he doesn't know what he's doing. He's just slow. Too slow.

There was other disaster. Mark Krause's horrible punt which was fielded by Jalen Saunders at the K-State 25 -- yes, you read that right -- and nearly run back for a score. Two Waters picks which were... kinda ugly. Bad luck, in the form of two Sooner passes which could have been picked off but weren't and two Sooner fumbles which were recovered by Oklahoma. And then that fourth-down play which on replay showed Trevor Knight probably stepped out before the marker, but he was given a first-down anyway.

Whatever. Ultimately, it will now have been 19 years since the Wildcats last beat Oklahoma in Manhattan before they get another chance.

More from Derek and TB later in the week, and I'm sure they'll break down the defensive failures in great detail. Of course, I wouldn't blame them for deciding instead to break down all the times Tyler Lockett was so wide open that even I could have completed passes to him...