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K-State Slate: 11.22.13

Here we go, folks. Senior Day -- and K-State's tribute to the 2003 championship team -- are just one sleep away. But the biggest BotC event ever is just ONE HOUR away.

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Blake Slaughter: having a better year than I've given him credit for.
Blake Slaughter: having a better year than I've given him credit for.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Are you excited yet? We've been poking and prodding you for days, and in one short hour it'll finally happen.


Lots of stuff from the Cap-Journal today. Specifically, Ken Corbitt was even busier than we were yesterday. He wrote a nice profile of Blake Slaughter, who I hadn't really realized leads the team in tackles. Corbitt also previews Saturday's game, and talks about K-State's walk-on program - a subject also covered by Kellis Robinett in a little more detail.

(See, this happens all the time because of comments that are made in media availability sessions.)

Oh, can't forget the Star's preview of the OU contest.

Also from the C-J, Haskin's weekend preview. 50 years ago tomorrow, K-State was on their way to Stillwater, but they never did play Oklahoma State that weekend...

USA Today's Paul Myerberg on ten teams with something to prove this week. Including K-State.

Finally, Randy Peterson of the Shreveport Times absolutely eviscerates the conference's decision to put Kansas/Iowa State on primetime this week. Brutally snarky takedown.


Cats stink up Puerto Rico. Oh, there's more. This is going to be a long season. On the bright side -- or "worse", depending on your viewpoint -- the Cats still get to play Georgetown today (at 11am on ESPNU), because they got upset by Northeastern. Admittedly, a win today would counteract yesterday's defeat, but... well, does it matter?