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K-State Slate 11.20.13

It's SloWednewsday. Although it's not as bad as it usually is...

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

As always, not a great deal going on in the news world today as we hit the mid-week lull. But there is some stuff...


Robinett notebook: 34 degrees isn't cold, and Ryan Mueller's a semifinalist for the Bulsworth Trophy for the top walk-on.

Haskin musings.

Corbitt profiles Dylan Schellenberg because, well...'s semi-official: Ty Zimmerman is done for the year, maybe back for the bowl game.

The Wildcats aren't the only team in Kansas with a big injury. Tony Pierson is done for the Jayhawks due to concussions.


CBS throws some props to Marcus Foster but still calls Jabari Parker Freshman of the Week.

Shockers are trying to shake off a losing streak when the ladies come to Manhattan, but at least they didn't get doubled up...


The Collegian presents this year's Purple Apple Awards.

KCK is going to buy CommunityAmerica Ballpark from the T-Bones. Cue Furnace in three, two, one...