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K-State 41, Iowa State 7: Cat Scratch Fever.

It wasn't perfect, but at this point who cares? The Wildcats harvested the Cyclones, claiming the non-existent John Deere Trophy.

Hubert got some motor today.
Hubert got some motor today.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

John Hubert led the way with 108 yards rushing and two touchdowns, while the defense came through in a big way as Ty Zimmerman>, Dorrian Roberts, and Dakorey Johnson all snagged interceptions, and K-State rolled to an easy 41-7 win over their Farmageddon rivals at Bill Snyder Family Stadium on Fort Riley Day. The win levels the Cats record at 4-4, which suddenly makes the season feel a lot less oppressive.

Amazingly, by game's end K-State led in every single statistical category except fumbles lost. The Cats rolled up 448 yards of offense and, as has started to become oddly familiar, exploded for 21 points in the fourth quarter to put the game on ice.

Those looking for something to point to in the ongoing quarterback controversy don't have a whole lot to point to today. Jake Waters didn't account for any of the scoring either on the ground (32 yards on 7 carries, not accounting for sack yardage so it was closer to 50) or through the air (9/15 for 157), but he didn't commit any turnovers and came through in a few key situations when called upon. As has been an issue, Jake started overthrowing guys in pressure situations deep in Iowa State territory, though. Daniel Sams was only 4/5 through the air for 64 yards, and a lot of that was on one extremely ill-advised throw that was straight out of Johnny Manziel's playbook; he added 57 yards on 13 carries, again not counting sack yardage. Robert Rose got into the act late, pulling 25 yards on 6 touches and a late touchdown, although he also fumbled deep in Wildcat territory to set up the shutout-destroying touchdown with only 3:24 to play.

Obviously, as you can tell from the passing stats, the receivers didn't have a big day -- but they had a decent one. Tyler Lockett pulled down five balls for 72 yards, while Tramaine Thompson added 3 for 71 and a touchdown. Curry Sexton hauled in three of his patented short-yardage catches, while Torrell Miller and Zach Trujillo each had a single catch each, both for big gains and first downs. Lockett did have a couple of moments that were frustrating; failing to catch a pass which hit his hands at one point, and almost giving up an interception on a play where he neglected to turn himself into a defender when it was clear he wasn't catching the ball. But those were minor issues, and given how reliable Lockett is we won't hold them against him.

Aside from the mentioned interceptions, the defense played a tough, disciplined game. Iowa State's touchdown came on their only trip to the red zone. Let me shine a brighter light on that: Iowa State's only visit to K-State's red zone the entire game was the result of a fumble at the K-State 10 yard line. The defense did pull their usual stunt of giving up soft yardage, but they always buckled down before the Cyclones could penetrate.

Nothing much more to say; as is customary, more detailed analysis will be forthcoming from Derek and TB later in the week (as long as TB doesn't get swamped again). This was, simply put, an ass-whipping, so let's just relax and enjoy this one instead of bickering.