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K-State Slate: 11.18.13

Although the guys aren't going to #3MAW again, obviously, there's still a problem with the women's programs and it needs to fix itself post-haste.

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Boykin's expression is the best part, really.
Boykin's expression is the best part, really.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

I'm already over 500 words, so let's just get to the good stuff.


You might have heard, but the Wildcats won Saturday. So they're bowl eligible. ESPN thinks they'll head to the beach, and as things stand that probably means a meeting with UCLA.

You know a game's genuinely a classic when guys covering the team that lost say so. Doesn't make it any easier for TCU to choke down, though.

Ken Corbitt points out the importance of that safety blitz that resulted in Randall Evans sacking Casey Pachall, while Corbin McGuire would like everyone to know that Tyler Lockett outplayed an All-American cornerback.

And the Oklahoman's already got their focus on Manhattan.

Three Big 12 teams sit on Dan Wolken's Misery Index for the week, and K-State's had a pretty integral hand in getting two of them there.


The Wildcats get a comfortable winn over a decent non-conference opponent, which will at least counteract the debacle that was the season opener. The slate's probably clean now.

The women, on the other hand... well, let's never again speak of this. Leti Romero was 0-7 from the floor, which says about all needs be said. Okay, two other freshmen combined for 27 points, which, you know, only left 12 for everyone else. Peee-ewwww.


Sigh. Despite a first-set win, the ladies went down 3-1, and as a result lose both 2013 matches to that school downriver.

Women's Golf:

A couple of signings. One, Chandler Gallagher, comes from Kearney (MO), joining the two guys who signed with the men's team out of Kearney earlier in the week, so if they've got any 4-5 star football or basketball players in Kearney, let's go get them too. The other is Connie Jaffrey, from Kilwinning, Scotland. The 2013 Scottish Girls champion. Top junior women's golfer in Scotland. That's Scotland, the place where the game was freakin' invented. I think that might be a good signing.


High school footbaw: You Derby people are traitors to the cause, and shall be banned. Derby ejected Manhattan from the playoffs, and they'll join O-North, SM East, and Garden City in the 6A semis. BV-West and BV-Just Plain Ol' BV will join Salina-South and Kapaun-Mt Carmel in 5A. Over in Missouri, K-State's favorite Missouri high school, Blue Springs, absolutely crushed Lee's Summit. (As for my neck of the woods, every school within 15 miles of me advanced on Friday. And yes, there are four of them despite me living in BFE.)

So, this list of top earners at the six public schools in Kansas is interesting. It doesn't include coaches, for starters. Why is K-State a better school than KU? Our president is the highest-paid non-coaching employee at the school, that's why. KU's highest-paid non-coaching employee? Sheahon Zenger.

KSU-Olathe is opened a new Microbial Surveillance Lab. It'll double as a branch of the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab in Manhattan as well.

The Week Ahead:

Wednesday: WBB vs Wichita State at Bramlage, 7pm

Thursday: MBB vs UNC-Charlotte in Puerto Rico, 9:30am (yes, AM)

Friday: MBB vs Northeastern or Georgetown in Puerto Rico, TBD

Saturday: FB vs Oklahoma at BSFS, 11am; WVB at Texas, 4pm