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K-State Slate: 11.15.13

The weekend is upon us. Rejoice! (And squish them frogs.)

How much of this will we actually see Saturday?
How much of this will we actually see Saturday?
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Big day tomorrow as the Cats host TCU, while volleyball travels to KU and the women's basketball team heads to El Paso. Sunday, the men host Long Beach State.


In case you missed it, Frogs O' War asked me some questions, and I asked them some too. And of course, there's this week's staff roundtable too.

Saturday's important, as a K-State win seals bowl eligibility while dooming TCU's hopes.

The 'Cats aren't the only team playing in Manhattan with a two-QB system.

The Star's preview of Saturday's game, and Ken Corbitt's take.

Kevin Haskin's weekend preview includes a trip back to 11.15.03. You may know it by different numbers: 38-9.

There's been a lot of speculation about how Gary Patterson's going to feel Saturday. Now he tells us himself.


Details on the men's signings -- Steven Hurt and Tre' Harris.


Lady Cats try to get an elusive road win as they take on that school downriver tonight at 6:30.

Other stuff:

Big props for K-State's Arch department, as the department's grad programs got glowing marks from Designintelligence. Landscape is ranked second in the nation, trailing only Harvard, while the architecture program overall is eighth and the product design program is seventh. Among Midwest schools, K-State's tops in landscape and interior design, and second overall behind Michigan.

KSU-Salina grabbed first place at the regional SAFECON VI flight competition, earning a trip to the national event in Columbus OH next May.

Cool stuff on campus this evening. There's an open reception at the K-State Women's Center (206 Holton) to celebrate its 40th year. Seems like an anniversary worth celebrating. Tonight also sees a performance of the 2010 Tony Award-winning musical Memphis at McCain.