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K-State Slate: 11.13.13

It's Wednesday, otherwise known here at BotC HQ as "sloWednewsday". But we'll try our best to manufacture stories to keep you tuned in just like the real media outlets do, okay?

Gotta give the line some love, yo.
Gotta give the line some love, yo.
Justin K. Aller

Tuesday was a slow news day (for those of you who need it spelled out) unless there were some high-profile shootybuckets games that required the attention of your humble editorial staff. But none of us watched that because whatever other faults we may suffer, a lack of standards isn't among them, right?


Kevin Haskin points out in his mid-week musings that Gary Patterson will be pretty pleased to be in Manhattan on Saturday. Of course, he also points out that the bacon promo didn't help the women's basketball team very much.

Robinett: The offensive line's pulled together both on and off the field.


Star's preview of tonight's Oral Roberts game.


Friday's Kansas state football quarterfinals schedule.

Teatime to Tailgates, a K-State cookbook.

K-State gets a $1.3M grant for an MRI spectrometer.

Some weirdo has remembered that he has another blog, and took a look at the FCS conference title races with two weeks to go, and previews D-II's final week of the regular season.