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Bring on the Podcast with Peter Pope

Our Daily Bears podcaster/writer Peter Pope joins AA and Derek to preview Saturday's game and tell us more about how we got a world where Baylor is favored by 18.5 in Manhattan.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This week on the podcast, Derek and I welcomed pbpope of Our Daily Bears, who told us all about just how scary good Baylor's offense is, why he didn't expect a big dropoff after RGIII, and who might stop the Bears from winning the Big 12 (HINT: Not K-State). We also discussed Saturday's game and the ways in which the 'Cats might give themselves a chance, or at least not get completely embarrassed.

Be sure to check out the newest Our Daily Podcast — featuring a segment with Derek and Ahearn Alley — later this week. We'll be off next week for the bye, but expect more podcasting in two weeks prior to the West Virginia game. Enjoy!

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