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K-State Slate: 10.21.13

Mountaineer hate week begins. I can't think of any WVU jokes, so here's a KU one: Why did the KU library close? All the books had been colored in.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports



Lady Cats lose to Baylor and TCU over the weekend.


Did you vote in the Week 9 poll?

Ash won't play against TCU.  Hopefully he recovers fully.

Scheduling does have an effect.  And Holgo might need to start looking at who needs a coach for next season.

Only 9 weeks until bowl season, if you prefer to look at the cup half full.

A brief first look at the game on Saturday.

How will the Cats finish?


Lady Cats sweep Tech over the weekend.


Is this a radical new teaching method?  Is it better?

Last chance to get the special Call Hall Ice Cream that was made for K-State's 150th Anniversary.

And the real reason for the internet.  /hat tip to Morse