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K-State Slate: 10.18.13

The Yeti might be a bear.

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Coach Hill is the ABCA Regional Coach of the Year.  Congratulations Coach Hill.


Mueller was a preferred walk-on, who started paying for school by mowing lawns.

The changing shape of college football.  Roll Tide.

I want Iowa State to make the game in Waco very close, although others are predicting a lop-sided game.

Will K-State reach a bowl?  Or will the players have the opportunity to spend time with family over the holidays?

Recommended reading for the day.  K-State vs Baylor is given the Study Hall treatment.


A nice article on Petra Niedermayerova.

Lady Cats are playing in Norman this week at the ITA Central Regional.


Go make some noise in Ahearn on Saturday at 7:00 p.m. .  The Lady Cats need your support.


$70 million gift to K-State Engineering.  More details here.  The only issue I see is that they want to increase the number of engineering graduates each year, but there are not the engineering jobs available in Kansas.