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K-State Slate: 10.15.13

Morse and TB can sleep in and dream of Wildcat Victories as the Intern's internet continues to work.

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Game time for WVU set at 2:45 p.m.  CDT,  Fox Sports 1 will have all the action.

As discussed yesterday in the Slate, Baylor's Corey Coleman will miss the first half of the Iowa State game.

Team Farmalliance story of the day:  What Iowa State needs to accomplish to upset Baylor.

Is Baylor the best because of offense?  And should we ignore defense completely?

Interview with B. J. Finney, which of course doesn't ask the question about the problems the O-line has had.

Is O-State back in the race?  Or is it an uphill battle?

Ranking the teams that matter, or will matter, or have mattered?  I have no idea what "at one of the most slept-on crowds in college football" means?  Anyone?