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K-State Slate: 10.10.13

Not much K-State news today, but there's one pretty big item.

It's not delivery, it's decolletage.
It's not delivery, it's decolletage.
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

The internet is a cruel monster, and something must be done about it. Won't somebody please think of the intern?


FOX College Saturday's coming to Manhattan this week, which isn't as cool as Gameday but it's still cool.

Kyle Klein: opportunist.


The men will be holding an open scrimmage at Bramlage from 11:30-12:30 Saturday, if you'd rather do that than hang out and tailgate.

As for the women, the preseason poll is out; the Big 12 coaches picked K-State to finish ninth. Sadface.


Lady Cats swept in Ames. Season turning into horror show.


On October 25, K-State will break ground on a new building for the College of Business Administration.

Slow news day. Feel free to provide more.