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K-State Slate: 10.1.13

K-State prepares for "disappointed" Cowboys, defense still a concern, volleyball takes on KU, Josh Freeman denies using drugs, DeLoss Dodds is retiring, USC is a hard place to win unless you're Pete Carroll, and a BOTC birthday.

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

K-State Football

Bill Snyder and K-State are preparing for a "disappointed" Oklahoma State Cowboys team.

Defense was a concern for me long before the loss to Texas, but sure, it's still a concern after.

K-State Volleyball

The Wildcats take on KU tonight at Ahearn Fieldhouse. Pack it with purple and BEAT KU.

Josh Freeman

The Josh Freeman/Tampa Bay Buccaneers saga just keeps getting weirder.

Our Mole is Retiring

DeLoss Dodds is retiring (officially!) as the athletic director at the University of Texas. Mack Brown is now officially on the clock.

College Football

After USC fired Lane Kiffin, resident numbers guru Bill Connelly wonders why it's so hard to win at USC.


A very happy birthday to our own PurpleBrunette!