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K-State Slate: 1.31.13

Next up for the Cats is a road trip to Norman, OK.




What a difference several days make. Cats looked good against Texas, but I'm not sure Texas is going to win a road game this year so I'm not sure how much improvement actually happened but Coach is happy so there was improvement. The Cats out rebounded Texas, the K-State bench had lots of quality minutes and the team played very well as a team.

It is the small things that you don't see that help win games, and sometimes the things you see like a bloody nose will help you win games.

The team certainly played very well with lots of different lineups.

it is fun to read about the team playing lights out.


This is the official start of the Collin Klein should play basketball campaign. I think he should play against either TCU or Tech at home in the final minutes if the Cats lead by double digits He still has four years of basketball eligibility doesn't he?


Lady Cats open the season in California this weekend.