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K-State Slate 1.3.12: Bowl day edition

Ducks play the Cats tonight, Ducks favored by 8 and the over/under at 105 or 110.




If you listen to Coach Snyder, you might wonder if the Cats are 6-5 or 11-1.

Please Ducks, consider us slow and not able to score, please.

The report on who the bettors like for the Fiesta Bowl.

Kelly to the NFL? Or just speculation from the media because of the closed nature of the programs?

If you like the NFL, then you might note these players on the Ducks and the Cats.

A peek behind the recruiting curtain at K-State. Who would have thought that recruiting rankings aren't all that accurate?

What are you doing to sell K-State to others? Stonestreet Youtube video.

Remember K-State players are used to overcoming adversity to succeed.


Second half woes cause Lady Cats loss.

Lady Frogs visit the Lady Cats on Saturday.

Cowboys visit the Cats on Saturday for the men's Big XII opener. Attention K-State athletic department, robo-calls are not welcome from anyone regardless of the topic.


Here's to a great game tonight for both teams and no injuries for either squad. Thanks Duck fans for the great interaction leading up to the game.