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K-State Slate: 1.23.13

Shots not falling last night were the biggest issue. Cats still have room for improvement and the coaching staff will continue to coach. Good things will happen if the players continue to focus and learn.




As BigE posted in the open game thread last night

If you can’t walk away from this game knowing that we’re in a better place with Bruce than Frank, I suggest you just stop watching.

Our boys were coherent on both ends of the floor. The offense did exactly what it was supposed to do. Bruce has these guys starting to understand. We’re legitimately the second best team in the league. kU has better talent…barely.

Cats lost a game where the shots didn't fall, the second game between the teams will probably have the same game plan against the Cats.

Lady Cats host OSU tonight at 7p, pack it with purple Cat fans.


K-State and the Eisenhower Presidential Library sign an partnership agreement.