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K-State Slate: 1.22.13

Go Cats! Beat the mutant avian war of yankee aggression terrorists.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports



Almost a top ten showdown.

K-State hosts the school from downriver in the octagon tonight.

Uh-oh, the school down river has the edge so maybe we don't need to play this game.

Eventually South Carolina at Mizzou will sound normal.

Lady Cats host OK-State tomorrow night.


Pre-season All-American for one of the Cats outfielders.

Priority deadline for season tickets is Friday. Home games start in early March.


As some of you like to pick the score of games. Win a box of microwave popcorn by predicting the correct score of the game tonight. if you guess the free-throw percentage correct along with having the correct score of the game, you'll get a second box. The only rules are that your prediction has to be made prior to tip-off, not predicting a K-State win is an automatic disqualification and you have to put your score as a reply to the 'prediction comment.'