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K-State Slate: 1.17.13

K-State rolls TCU, and Manti Te'o didn't really play for the memory of his dead girlfriend this season. Unless he really was duped.



K-State Basketball

K-State got off to a slow start, but cruised to a 67-54 win over TCU in Fort Worth last night. The game wasn't as close as the final score may indicate.

K-State Women's Basketball

The Wildcats hung tough for a half, Brittany Griner and the Baylor Bears were way too much for K-State last night in Bramlage. Baylor tallied a 90-69 win.

K-State Track and Field

Erik Kynard, Jr., was honored by the Kansas Board of Regents yesterday. The Akron, Ohio, native was the NCAA National Champion and Olympic silver medalist last year.

Manti Te'o Done Made It All Up...Or Something

Timothy Burke (who you may know better as @bubbaprog on Twitter) and Jack Dickey have the sports story of the year on Deadspin. Manti Te'o supposedly played this last football season in the shadow of both his grandmother's death (which was real) and his girlfriend's death (which was not real). The story seems to implicate Te'o as complicit in the hoax, as part of a stunt to garner attention.

Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick defended Te'o, saying he was the victim of a hoax, and giving the nation a lesson in catfishing (sorry for the auto-play video). Swarbrick also grew emotional when talking about Te'o. Funny, I don't remember the same type of response when a student videographer was killed in 2010. And who knows what really happened in this whole mess.