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ROSTER UPDATE: Post-Missouri State

So why did this guy not start again?
So why did this guy not start again?

We learned a few actual tidbits in the last week, given that we actually got to see players in uniform and playing with that oblong-shaped leather thing.

Here's a quick summary of things that have changed since my ROSTER UPDATE last week.

  • How about No. 12 Stanton Weber seeing the field for offensive snaps? Boy, was I wrong on that one.
  • No. 22 Dante Barnett, 33 Morgan Burns, No. 52 Mike Moore, No. 73 Tavon Rooks, No. 94 Alauna Finau, No. 95 Travis Britz, No. 98 Chaquil Reed played Saturday, so no redshirts for them.
  • No. 23 Jarard Milo appears to have beaten out No. 5 Thomas Ferguson for the starting strong safety role, although that also could be due to injury or the fact that he is a slightly better coverage guy.
  • No. 33 John Hubert did not start, but clearly remains our best running back. Whether it was punishment for offseason transgressions or an attempt to keep him healthy, don't read much into it.
  • Despite what the depth chart says, No. 38 Mark Krause apparently beat out No. 9 Ryan Doerr and handled all punting duties Saturday. Bill Snyder said it remains to be seen if Doerr will regain the job.
  • After an injury to No. 50 Nick Puetz, No. 55 Cody Whitehair shifted over to left guard, his likely future position, and Rooks replaced him at right tackle. Rooks played well, other than a holding call.
  • No. 56 Wesley Hollingshed has moved over to the offensive line to shore up depth there.
  • No. 73 Xavier Gates is now No. 62 Xavier Gates, and he's also apparently drilling with the offensive line.
  • No. 75 Ellwood Clement will not show up until next semester, effectively rendering him a grayshirt.
  • No. 91 Hakeem Akinola is in indefinite limbo, per Snyder, pending an NCAA Clearinghouse analysis of his eligibility. Though it's said not to be his fault, we can't play him until it's cleared up, hopefully soon.