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BOTC and SB Nation: United


Hand-in-hand with SB Nation, BOTC is moving boldly forward into a bold new future. Or something like that. But seriously, big changes are on the horizon for both BOTC and SB Nation, with an overhaul of our platform and editorial process looming larger every day. There will be plenty more later, but for now the revamped logo above is the first taste of what's next for BOTC.

It's a small thing compared to what's ahead, but it's a sample of what's on the way when SB Nation the most exciting and radical transformation the company's eight-year history. If you check the other SB Nation sites that you love (or loathe!) you'll see that visually uniting the sites is part of the grander plan. As always, we're united through our individuality at SB Nation. The point is to maintain each school or team's unique colors, while immediately showing people this is an SB Nation site. That way, people who happen on BOTC and are also Royals fans or Chiefs fans will realize there are sites for those interests, too. Check out all the new logos at

We're always going to follow K-State sports passionately, and the other SB Nation sites will keep doing the same with their schools and teams. As always, SB Nation is a special place, and it's only going to get better. We're going to set up additions to the BOTC store so you can rock the latest gear even before this launches.

Welcome to the future.