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Q&A with the 'Canes (Version 2)

This man runs very, very fast. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
This man runs very, very fast. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Today we get more answers about Miami from Tony of The Seventh Floor, who many of us met yesterday in the comments section as avendittelli. Questions and format are the same as yesterday, but the answers offer us some new insight and are also a little shorter, in case you're short on time or the length of yesterday's post was intimidating for you.

Don't forget to check out TB's answers over at The Seventh Floor, and be sure to let us know in the comments which Miami blogger you think was better. I hear the loser has to sit through an entire Hurricanes nonconference basketball game. Q&A is after the jump.

AA: I watched the Miami-BC game and much like us, it seemed the ‘Canes had some serious issues getting a pass rush and defending receivers. How much of a concern is that going forward?

AV: A huge concern. Miami's DL was practically non-existent, and the biggest problem was that was what we all expected. Having to immediately go up against such a great running QB like Collin Klein the next week won't help things. But Miami did seem to shore up their run defense as the game went on against BC. I wouldn't be surprised if you guys throw more than you normally would after Miami's disastrous 500+ passing defensive effort.

Freshman running Duke Johnson looked pretty spectacular as he racked up 135 yards on seven carries and took two 50+ yard runs to the house. Is he for real and does he get more carries this week?

AV: Yes, it's only one game, against presumably a fellow ACC bottom dweller, but Johnson is definitely the real deal. Miami has had their plentiful share of top notch RBs, and it's safe to say it's like porn. We know it when we see it.

Johnson will probably get around the same amount of touches this week. Mike James will still be the starter and will get the bulk of the carries. Johnson's two long TD runs negated what probably would've been 5-7 more touches last week, simply because of a shorter possession.

AA: Do you think Miami's passing game is going to be mostly short, quick hitters like it was last week or are there some deep threats capable of emerging? Can Stephen Morris make those throws?

AV: OC Jedd Fisch said last week the quick short passing game was based off things he saw in last year's season finale against BC he could exploit. With so many WRs getting their first true game action this past Saturday, I think that also played into the safe passing game strategy. This week true freshman Malcolm Lewis will be starting. As long as the OL plays as well as they did, I see Fisch doing some more 15+ yard routes. Stephen Morris can make pretty much any throw on the field. His only interception last week could arguably be attributed to a dropped pass thrown too hard bouncing off the receiver's hands.

AA: Is Kansas State lucky to get this young team early in the season, and is it going to be significantly different from what we saw a year ago?

AV: Kansas State is definitely benefiting in playing Miami so early. Wouldn't want to call it luck, cause these teams would never play late in the year anyways. There are so many underclassman, especially freshman, being counted on this year to produce, it's only logical Miami will be much better later in the year. You definitely won't see the 15 yard DB cushions and backs running blatantly out of the backfield uncovered for 20 yards come November.

Miami will probably pass more than 2011 at Sun Life, since Lamar Miller was a better work horse back than Mike James is this year.

AA: What has it been like for Miami fans to watch Arthur Brown establish himself as one of the best linebackers in the Big 12, if not the country?

AV: I'm sorry, what was the question? I was busy throwing bulls-eyes at my Randy Shannon dart board and hyperventilating into an orange and green bag.

In a word, torturous.

AA: What is the perception towards the current investigation and if there will be penalties?

AV: It's difficult to know what the NCAA is thinking, because other than their blitzkrieg on Happy Valley, they move at a glacial pace handing out their sanctions. What is in Miami's favor is they have been 100% accommodating to the investigators since day 1. If you recall, USC was hammered in large part because they did not cooperate.

Lunches at Prime 112 and Smith & Wollensky, free access to clubs, million dollar beach mansions - all of that is just flashy window dressing to the biggest allegation, which was a Miami assistant to current Mizzou coach Frank Haith paid $10,000 to secure DeQuan Jones' commitment. Given the fact Jones was reinstated last December after his attorney concluded there was insufficient evidence supporting the allegation, that blows some pretty big hole in what can be proven and/or what is even true in the original Yahoo! report. My personal expectations are Miami will get hit with small but manageable scholarship reductions, and another bowl game ban. Does that seem light to an outsider? Most likely. But you have to remember Miami already suspended a bunch of players last year, in football and basketball, got a Florida assistant fired (ha!), self-imposed a bowl ban, and I think will do the same this year unless they are in the running for a BCS game (very unlikely).