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The National, 9/28/12: Oregon Just Won the Pac-12.

Another Thursday game was an ugly slog for most of its duration, and it's getting old. Also, we take our weekly tour around the network (two days late) and point you to your weekend TV fare.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

Bring in Doctor Tessitore, Stat: This is getting ridiculous, folks. This week, we had a game where Stanford led 2-1 at halftime. Err, I mean, 6-3. A 2-1 soccer match at the half would be interesting. And then Stanford went up 13-3 on a 40-yard pick six courtesy of Trent Murphy with less than 18 minutes to go in the game, and insofar as nobody was doing anything offensively it looked like the Cardinal had it in the bag.

That is, until Bishop Sankey broke free for a 61-yard score on the final play of the third quarter to get the Huskies back within three. It was Washington's first offensive touchdown against an FBS opponent since the first quarter of the first game of the year. Then it was punt, punt, punt, oh look Keith Price hit Kasen Williams for a 35-yard touchdown and oh my. Stanford got back into Husky territory after the go-ahead score, but Desmond Trufant picked off Josh Nunes at Washington's 8 yard line with 1:46 remaining, and then a stupid offsides penalty against Stanford on 3rd and 4 ensured the Cardinal wouldn't be laying a hand on the ball again. Down goes #8, which won't help K-State in the AP or Coaches polls, but it'll at least give us some more points in the BlogPoll next week.

Presumably. You never know with those wacky bloggers.

Wednesday Roundup!: Um. So, ah. Um. Sorry about that. Between some difficulties resulting from the launch of United and some difficulties resulting from someone (not me) forgetting to pay a rather important bill, we find ourselves posting The National at Midweek on a day which is decidedly not in the middle of the week. These things happen. But, c'mon, don't be mad. It's a bye week, so you've got all weekend to catch up, right?

We'll start with The Alphabetical (delayed as much as my tour around SB Nation, coincidentally), where that dastardly Spencer Hall casts our beloved coach as the greatest defense attorney since Perry Mason.

Moving on, Bud Elliott chimes in with his weekly pickstravaganza, while at Football Study Hall Bill Connelly takes a look at how F/+ sees things playing out. Bill's got Central Florida beating Missouri, which I think is just an attempt at appeasing the gods.

Bill's been entirely too busy this week. He's also got his weekly look at the Heisman race, questions about what LSU's offense learned in last week's near-debacle at Auburn, more frustration at Uncle Bill ruining his maffs in The Numerical, and the one link you have to click if you only click one link in this post -- no, scratch that, you click it no matter what, go ahead, we'll wait -- is the travelogue of Bill and Walsh's road trip to South Carolina last weekend. I'm not kidding, it's worth the time expenditure.

Steven Godfrey took a trip to Monroe for everyone's new favorite's game with Baylor, and discovered a lot of nifty things. He also digresses into the tribulations of trying to build a program from nearly nothing, a situation we can all relate to.

This is on our front page now, but just in case you missed it there you won't want to miss Nickel Rover's analysis of our win over the Sooners over at Barking Carnival.

Iowa ends up getting both barrels in Brian Cook's This Week in Schadenfreude.

And of course, things wouldn't be complete without Spencer and Jason previewing Week 5 in Shutdown Fullback.

On to Saturday: This week is a pretty lame week, as you've probably already heard. Most games are looking to be of the blowout variety, but there are some highlights; Wisconsin at Nebraska, Texas at Oklahoma State, and TCU at SMU anchor the evening slots, while the day kicks off with three hours of Baylor at West Virginia for those of you who find coffee, B-12, and amphetamines to be too tame. Arkansas at Texas A&M's also on the morning docket; the afternoon flight includes Ohio State at Michigan State, Tennessee at Georgia, and Idaho at North Carolina for those of you whose tastes run more to murder and mayhem than competitive football. Here's Saturday's TV Grid (with DirecTV channel info) to help you out, prepared by yours truly over at Google Docs.

TOG: This week's FCS recap, D-II recap, D-III recap, and NAIA recaps. All at once. Whee!