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K-State Slate: 9.27.12

K-State is still consistently preparing in football, Lady Cats host WV and Doerr is the Special Teams Player of the Week in the Big XII.

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Wildcat00 posted in yesterday's slate about SI's coverage of K-State in the mailbag.

If you think you can punt, then start thinking like a punter. Nice article on Ryan Doerr, the B12 Special Teams Player of the Week.

Maybe CK is the next coach, maybe, something to consider. And maybe he will coach a Lockett or two?

The Sporting News continues with K-State atop the Big XII power rankings.

K-State preparing for KU and the rest of the season by continuing to improve and being consistent. (story also on FoxSports)


The #15 Lady Cats host the West Virginia Mountaineers at 7 p.m. tonight in Ahearn. Should it be Mountaineresses? Or Lady Mountainers? Pack it with Purple folks and support the Lady Cats. First 250 students get free tube socks, seriously. And it is '70s night, with a request to dress to the theme. Several of us can remember the '70s so if you are dressing up to go, post a picture in the comments and we will let you know how you did in authenticity. The Mercury also has an article on the game.

As long as they spell K-State correctly section

As mentioned in the comments of yesterday's slate, former K-State linebacker Sean Lowe is the next Bachelor. I think the only way I will watch this is if Pan is involved with the writing and it is an adventures series.

K-State's family of the year is from Hillsboro, have you taught kids in a foreign country to dance to the Wabash Cannonball? (and that last part is awesome)

Wonder if our AD is submitting an application?