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K-State Slate: 9.26.12

Basketball starts in 7 weeks. Football continues the weekend after next. K-State is no longer the underdog and needs to stay motivated if they want to continue winning the old man football way.



I have to agree with Frank Schwab, I'm not sure why we have a t-shirt to celebrate the win over OU.

I'm not sure what Berry Tramel is trying to accomplish with this article besides making OU fans feel better. Bob Stoops isn't feeling talkative.

KC Joyner does the analysis on the Cats (full article requires subscription) which leads David Ubben to ask is K-State real or a mirage?

BTW how recruits are ranked might not help you win games, at least if you are Bill Snyder; mere coaches might need higher ranked players.

According to Coach Snyder 'the motivation has to get better'; other press conference quotes from WIBW and K-State Sports. I have to say that both CK and AB are going to be great coaches at some point, as they both seem to understand Coach Snyder's method.

Now to see if the Cats can play as the non-underdog.

And if you do nothing else today: read Mr. Morse's enjoyable piece of writing and Mr. Smith's analysis of the OU game.


Are you ready for some basketball? Less than 7 weeks to basketball season. And Bruce Weber is ready to coach the Cats.

Things I didn't know

Henceforth do not refer to K-State, it is Kansas State. Kansas State for academics. K-State for athletics. Remember this.

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