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K-State Slate: 9.25.12

K-State is Fiesta Bowl National Team of the Week; KU game time is announced; continuing fallout from the weekend, including the win in Norman; and other things.

As mentioned yesterday K-State is the Fiesta Bowl National Team of the Week, needless to say we don't even get a bag of chips for this award. Coach Snyder and K-State get some good press along with Rutgers.

Ryan Doerr was named the Big 12 Special Teams Player of the Week after all five of his punts were downed inside the Sooners' 20-yard line.

The KU game will kick off at 11:05 a.m. and will be broadcast nationally on FX.

A look at the conferences, including a bowl breakdown or you can read the BOTC fanshot on bowl predictions.

Another look at the Big 12 from a regional perspective.

We might have our next coach identified, as Collin Klein uses 'keep sawing wood' in an interview.

And I still like this article by Stewart Mandel on the Cats. And this is what I like about Mr. Klein, he is who he is.

The weekly coaches' press conference report on the Cats.

And from The Mercury: articles on report on how Cats did in the NFL this past weekend.

Around the B12: OU is still hungry, although OU fans aren't happy with Landry Jones

Brief editorial rant. From the last article:

Curious, I asked the woman why she was down on Jones. She informed me that ever since he’d gotten married, his play had taken a distinct turn for the worse. Then she reiterated her plea for an appearance from the backup.

Why are OU fans blaming Landry's play on marriage? No one is saying CK is better since he was married.

...and back to the links: Texas is hoping to win when they play OSU.