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K-State Slate: 9.21.12


OU beat the Lady Cats in volleyball earlier this week, which ruined the Lady Cats perfect record on the year, Crimson and Cream Machine is using this as a sign that OU will prevail tomorrow. To Crimson and Cream Machine's credit they did a podcast that included TB. Other Crimson and Cream coverage includes Bill Snyder presser coverage, the pressure is on OU's receivers, a round table discussion and film study.

Collin Klein is a tough leader according to the Sporting News. And the Locketts? Great to have them as part of the K-State family. On the other side of the ball is Landry Jones, who could use this game to prove how good he really is.

K-State's defense has to stop Jones. In the positive category at least one writer likes the K-State defense. Other than a bad pun, a nice article on Coach Snyder.

NewsOK picks the winners (video) for the week. Even a site affiliated with that school down river has thoughts on the K-State at OU game.