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K-State Slate: 9.20.12


Football centric slate today, you'd think there was a big game this weekend between two top twenty five teams or something.

The preseason poll has OU winning the game while the Weekly Poll currently has K-State winning and the odds-makers think OU will win by 14. The Star-Telegram says the game won't be close based on history.

OU's Belldozer package mimics (the WWL or Austin Statesman article) K-State's offense.

NewsOK has an article about the 2003 game in Arrowhead, while Foxnews mentions the 2003 game before pointing out the Cats have not beat the Sooners in the regular season since 1997. NewsOK interviews the Capital-Journal beat writer for K-State.

Charlie Davis of Fox analyzes the game and reveals what it is like to work with Gus Johnson. The Tulsa World also presents some interesting trivia about OU football and some thoughts on CK from Monday's press conference. Mr. Klein also receives some good press from the Patriot Ledger. The Mercury has a nice article on Jarard Milo, who is related to one of the gents I enjoyed watching back in the day.

The players from OK on K-State's roster are ready for this game.

And somebody is posting how you can listen, watch or attend the game (931 tickets from $70 on Stubhub as of this morning, for $2000 you can sit in a mid-level sideline seat)