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The National at Midweek, 9/19/12.

Kent State running back Dri Archer is running in the <em>correct direction</em>.  We think.
Kent State running back Dri Archer is running in the correct direction. We think.

We'll Have to Be Brief Today: Life gets in the way, so today it's a bit of a bare bones edition. The most important information to be imparted, of course, is that midweek #MACtion begins tonight as the Golden Flashes of Kent State travel to Buffalo to play the Bulls. Not the Bills, because that would be silly. We can, of course, expect MAC craziness, which we desperately hope will include more season-ending wrapup-worthy derpitude on the part of Kent State. 6:00 CT on The U.

Messages from the Mothership: As usual, it being Wednesday, it is time for you to sample the sweet, tender analysis of last week's entertainment. To wit:

Spencer Hall discusses new techniques in running Student Body Left in this week's Alphabetical.

Bill Connelly pores over the figures in this week's Numerical.

Bill also provides an in-depth look at how Alabama is Rolling Tide all over everyone.

Also also, Bill takes a look at which coaches are on the Hot Seat. Bill needs some time for himself, maybe.

Colorado and USC appear to be the starring players in Brian Cook's This Week in Schadenfreude.

Amy K. Nelson gets deep into the Jamie Kuntz story, which is still not as clear-cut as it seems.

And Wednesday wouldn't be complete without Spencer and Jason Kirk's Shutdown Fullback:

Also, TOG: FCS Week Three Recap; D-II Week Three Recap.