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K-State Slate: 9.13.12


K-State Football

Ryan Mueller got a scholarship this summer and now he's getting some playing time on the defensive line to give the starters a break. And he'll probably never forget to keep his phone charged again.

Former Miami defensive lineman Dan Sileo is very angry about the Hurricanes' loss to K-State. So angry, in fact, that he advocates on-field violence against Collin Klein. That's not very nice, Dan.

North Texas knows it's going to have to throw the ball to keep up with K-State. That's a real change from a few years ago, when properly executing a handoff was sufficient to move the ball rapidly down the field.

The Texas game is a sellout. Barring ticket returns, the only game for which tickets remain is the Texas Tech game.

Don't! Get! Eliminated! K-State is still alive in the BCS Eliminator after two weeks.

K-State Golf

As mentioned a couple weeks ago, former K-State golfer Robert Streb will earn his PGA Tour card after a victory on the Tour a couple weeks ago pushed his yearly earnings into the qualifying range.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame is joining the ACCin all sports except football, and even in football they will play five games per season against ACC competition. As Spencer Hall put it yesterday, Notre Dame, "just the tip" still counts.

While the Big 12 would have liked to add the Irish, it didn't need to. And it definitely doesn't need the awkward half-in, half-out arrangement.

Conference Realignment Remorse

A Nebraska fan writes Cornhusker beat writer Dirk Chatelain a lengthy letter describing his Big 10's buyer's remorse. This will probably be fairly common for the next five-10 years, but eventually the schools who have moved to other conferences will develop enough history with the current schools that they'll be more comfortable.

College Basketball

UConn basketball coach Jim Calhoun is retiring.