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The National at Midweek, 9/12/12.

Number eighteen there?  Let's get him back up and on his feet ASAP, okay? (Chuck Cook - US PRESSWIRE)
Number eighteen there? Let's get him back up and on his feet ASAP, okay? (Chuck Cook - US PRESSWIRE)

This Is Armageddon: According to ESPN's Brett McMurphy, Notre Dame is leaving the Big East to join the ACC in all sports (except football) "as soon as it can leave the Big East", which means "as soon as they negotiate a settlement". Part of the deal will include five football games annually against ACC members; one presumes that Pitt and Boston College might be annual, or at the very least those two teams plus Miami, Florida State, and Georgia Tech will be on heavier rotation than the rest.

The biggest question for everyone else out there, of course, is whether this will signal an end to the "we're waiting on Notre Dame" paradigm, and if so who's going to start making moves based on "who's left". This severely damages any Florida State plus one plan the Big 12 may have had, as FSU's a former minor rival of the Irish... (and reports are coming in as I speak indicating that the ACC has now upped its exit fee to a ridiculous $50M, so, ah, yeah). It also dings the Big East, and I can already hear Louisville throwing a fit and trying to figure out where the emergency exit is. We'll just have to see what happens.

And with that startling news, on with this week's whiparound the network:

Spencer Hall explains the Week of the Bulldog in this week's Alphabetical, and knows exactly four things about college football two weeks into the season.

In this week's installment of The Numerical, Bill Connelly discusses 1-Man Offenses and the Spike Factor.

More from Bill, who asks What's Wrong With Big Ten Football?

Brian Cook's This Week in Schadenfreude zeroes in on the embittered and depressed from Arkansas, Kansas, Wisconsin, and elsewhere.

At the Vox Developer Blog, an interesting look into what went on behind the scenes with the big SB Nation United rebrand which will be hitting Real Soon Now.

And, finally, Spencer Hall and Jason Kirk being their rascally Shutdowny Fullbackish selves... at Dragon*Con:

Your Kiss Is on My List: A freshman at North Dakota State College of Science, a junior college in Wahpeton, ND, is claiming he was thrown off the team for being gay. You read the story, however, and things get a little odd. And creepy. Like, NAMBLA creepy.

It's Nice to Be Able to Say This: We still don't know whether he's going to be walking again, but there's very, very good news from Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa. Devon Walker is awake and communicating after his spinal repair surgery. Even better, his family is raving about the care being provided.

We Hahv eh Peiper Doon! (Twae, if Ye Ken): Bad news out in Eugene, as there's now a hole in the offensive line where Carson York used to be, and All-America safety John Boyett's done for the year, too.

War Damn Gradebook: An investigation has revealed that Jovon Robinson, an Auburn recruit, had "at least one" of his high school grades changed, and he's now been ruled academically ineligible. The NCAA's on this like flies on dookie, but it's uncertain whether Auburn's actually done anything wrong or whether it was solely the act of parties at his high school. All we know is that the NCAA seems to be crawling all over Memphis now, looking under every rock imaginable.

Around the Network: Lots of good stuff this week from Aggie blog Good Bull Hunting, including a look at the new CJK5H edition of Grand Theft Auto (which is totally real, except it isn't, but if it is I'd totally play it), The Geographical with a look at the Waffle Houses of the SEC and the lack thereof near College Station, and finally the guys get interactive and let you generate new slogans for their ancient rivals SMU.

Also checking in with multiple goodnesses is Black Heart Gold Pants, where we find out what Kirk Ferentz does with all that trophy case space, James Vandenberg embarks on a holy quest for enlightenment, and in a completely serious and cool piece we discover some vintage program covers that have been turned into posters. (The post only shows some Iowa ones, but there's a link to the site they come from. Sadly, there are no K-State program posters yet, but you may want to bookmark it so you can go back and check from time to time.)

Other bits include Roll Bama Roll's weekly Meltdown feature, which is... pretty crazy, a look at MTV's new hit show Provo Shore from the folks at Block U, and Matt Sussman at The Hustle Belt has apparently gotten himself into an NFL fantasy league whose teams are all comprised of alumni from individual conferences. Matt's team is, of course, the MAC team, and they got smoked by the Big 12 this week.

Finally, there's this piece from Crimson and Cream Machine, a film study of Oklahoma's blocking schemes. This might come in handy for next week, I think...

TOG: D-II recap at the ready, where we examine what happens when 60% of the top five get upset, and the D-III recap is up as well, where we check in on #3 at #6.... and prepare for #4 at #3, because holy crap who made that schedule?