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K-State Slate: 8.9.12


K-State Football

Collin Klein is on the preseason watch list for the Unitas Golden Arm Award. Seems like the Vince Young Golden Feet Award would be more appropriate, but I'll take it.

K-State Basketball

When I went to bed last night, K-State had just left Atlanta for Sao Paolo. Now that I'm up and writing this post this morning, they still haven't completed the 10-hour flight.

K-State Volleyball

The preseason Big 12 volleyball poll is out. K-State is picked to finish third, behind Texas and Iowa State. Quite the change from last year.

Big 12 Football

Bill's previews roll into Austin. The offense looks iffy behind either David Ash or Case McCoy, but that defense. Oh, my God, that defense.


This shirt isn't nearly as sensational as it may seem, because it's not being sold at a Penn State-licensed bookstore, and it wasn't made by anyone affiliated with Penn State, but, yeah...this is sort of the Joe College of Happy Valley.

Meanwhile, every day seems to bring news of another player departing Penn State. Bill takes a look at the roster damage wrought by the defections.

Sporting KC

For the soccer fans and Kansas Citians, you have a local franchise with competent ownership that just won a championship. Sporting KC beat the Seattle Sounders in penalty kicks to win the U.S. Open Cup. No, I don't really know what that means, but I'm sure AhearnAlley or one of our resident soccer fans would be happy to explain it.