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23 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Cory Cheadle


#76 Cory Cheadle
True Freshman
6-3 | 260
Hilton Head, S.C.


Position: Long Snapper

Previous College: None

Projection: Redshirt

Status: Preferred Walk-On

Cory Cheadle (b. Nov. 4, 1993) was rated a five-star long snapper and the No. 4 long snapper in the nation by Rubio Long Snapping Camp, which makes him one hell of a steal for us considering he's a preferred walk-on.

Dalton Converse better watch out, because Cheadle looks poised to be K-State's long snapper of the future once Marcus Heit hangs up his cleats. Don't believe me? Just listen to what the long snapping experts say after the jump.

Watch Cheadle in action here, here and here (if you're actually bored enough to watch highlights of a long snapper).

Chris Rubio:

Cheadle continues to impress me. Blocks very well, incredible flexibility, solid personality and body, and he has the ability to snap the ball rocket fast. Cheadle continues to woo me with his overall snapping ability. Even under a bit of pain, he is doing well.

Georgia Nike Spring Camp for Long Snappers:

Cory Cheadle (SC) is completely healthy and smooth as can be. Amazing flexibility and strength. Form is exceptional. Hands down the best 2012 long snapper in attendance. He was the winner of the camp and wasn't even slowed up during the competition. Tremendous flexibility and great size. When he snaps the ball hard, there is no one better. Very close to a five star snapper.

Rubio Long Snapping:

Cheadle is big, strong and snapping with a lot of confidence. Looks ready for the next level. Form is exceptional and he uses his lower half as well as anyone in the country. It literally looks as though his legs will break when he is snapping the ball....and I love it!

Ball is smooth and easily catchable, yet still very fast. When he snaps the ball as hard as possible, there is no one better. So smooth and consistent is how I would describe Cheadle. Continues to improve and be an exceptional Long Snapper. Ball pops out of his hands due to his tremendous form and flexibility.

There is no one in the country that uses their lower half better than him. When he snaps the ball hard, which he did all weekend, he is amazing. Like to see him a little lighter to help his movement down the field. The lighter he is on his feet, the more coveted he will be. EXCEPTIONAL person with an infectious personality.

Continues to ooze confidence. Body is looking trimmer and he is moving well. Blocking is solid and his ball is fast and easy to catch. Excellent attitude, personality and thrives under pressure! You would be hard-pressed to find a better human being. Cory is a machine. He is officially ready to snap at the next level.

Body is massive and he is snapping the ball with some incredible power. Flexibility might be the best in the country (which is not customary for such a large man). Excellent attitude. Ball flies to you. Continuing to get on track with his body and he is looking great. LOVE when he snaps as hard as possible.

Form is exceptional and his flexibility continues to be one of the best I have seen in all my years of working with Long Snappers. Hands coming all the way through and snapping hard is going to be key for Cheadle moving up. Love his attitude. Cheadle is massive and healthy.

If I were one of the three ahead of him right now, I would be a bit nervous. When he really lets go and snaps the ball with all of his strength (of which, there is a ton) he is exceptional. Ball is flying and very accurate.

Continues to handle pressure well. Beyond solid Long Snapper. Tremendous personality.