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K-State Slate 8.3.12

Point number 1 in why K-State will not win the Big 12 makes no sense to me. I didn't think anyone had overrated Cosh's defense. Otherwise Ubben does a good job of analyzing the K-State strengths and weaknesses. The Sporting News has a defense of their ranking K-State number 6 in the country. How will K-State handle the expectations or lack of expectations? CloneConfidential has an article on our Cats. Even the gamblers have a take on how the Cats will perform this year, which is surprisingly similar to this article at least in the expected results. A column looking at K-State and the other two teams near Kansas City. And on Aug 30, 2014 Stephen F. Austin will play K-State.

The Mercury has a column on Weber.

Information on purchasing single game tickets for volleyball.

Golfing success overseas, Congratulations Miss Roos.

Construction on track at the Bill.

The K-State beef conference is August 9th, still time to register.

If you are attending the open basketball practice on Saturday and have interest in a BOTC meetup, let us know in the comments.