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K-State Slate: 8.29.12


K-State Football

Former walk-on Sam Johnson has worked his way into the quarterback picture. And I say this without any offense intended, but I really hope we don't need to turn to him -- or Daniel Sams, for that matter -- this season.

ESPN examined 12 years worth of television data and determined the top 25 media markets for college football viewership. Despite not having any metered markets, K-State ranks comfortably in the top 25 for college football viewership.

Defensive back Randall Evans is setting his goals extremely high for this season. He's clearly taken goal number 12 to heart. No self-limitations.

The West Stadium Center expansion is going to cause some issues at home games this year. Read this for information on where you should enter the stadium.

The KU game is the fourth sellout of the season. Limited seats remain for the other three home games.

SB Nation BlogPoll

The opening BlogPoll is out. Despite BracketCat slotting K-State at No. 12 in his bracket, the Wildcats check in at only No. 22 in the overall poll.

Paul Rhoads

At a speech on Iowa State's campus, President Obama gave Paul Rhoads a shoutout for his great speeches. And for that, Paul Rhoads IS SO PROUD.


DeLoss Dodds said a third football game on LHN this season is a possibility. Cue Furnace meltdown in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

Big 12 Basketball Tournament

Kansas City is unlikely to bid on the SEC basketball tournament. (And I wrote that right as Pandora plays the opening lyric of Pat Green's "Southbound 35." Ironic.)