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K-State Slate: 8.28.12


K-State Football

At yesterday's weekly Big 12 coaches teleconference, Bill Snyder confirmed that freshman quarterback Tavarius Bender has left the K-State football program. This leaves Daniel Sams as the presumptive quarterback of the future.

The Big 12 allows each school to show controversial replays on video boards at home games. Just one of many reasons college football is better than MLB.

The Oklahoma State game on November 3rd is the third sellout of the season for K-State.

SB Nation's Jason Kirk projects a Meineke Car Care Bowl appearance against Notre Dame for K-State this season. It'd be in Houston, so hooray?

K-State Golf

Former K-State golfer and all-around good dude Matt Van Cleave won the Oklahoma Open last weekend, his first professional victory.

New/Old Blog

Matt Hinton returns to SB Nation and reopens Sunday Morning Quarterback.

"Paterno" ignites long-held grudge

Jason Whitlock breaks out the napalm for Joe Posnanski and his new book about Joe Paterno, but saves the worst for Posnanski. Given how long the two worked together at the Kansas City Star, it makes you wonder if this was a long-simmering grudge.