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K-State Slate: 8.24.12


K-State Football

Barking Carnival's state of the union post for K-State is up now, with possibly the best lead graphic ever. Only eight days until the grey wizard returns.

Just in case you weren't sure, Tyler Lockett really, truly is healthy and ready to go this season. Though I'm not a doctor (well, not that kind of doctor), it would seem that, as severe and horribly painful as a lacerated kidney would be, for a football player it doesn't require the repair of a ligament that is needed to make football moves. So that's good news. Right?

The North Texas game is sold out. About 1,500 tickets remain for Miami.

K-State Track and Field

Olympic silver medallist Erik Kynard met with the media yesterday. He thinks class sucks and said some other things, too.

Big 12 Conference

New conference commissioner Bob Bowlsby visited Lawrence yesterday, and said he doesn't like the graduate-transfer rule. Psst, Bob, KU has a bunch of players like that. /AwkwardSilenceEnsues


A group of Ball State football players (allegedly!) got caught shoplifting ... male enhancement pills. All the jokes.