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K-State Slate: 8.21.12


K-State Basketball

K-State's 10-day basketball trip to Brazil gave Bruce Weber a chance to get acquainted with his new team. The Wildcats played four games during the trip with their first-year coach.

Big 12 State of the Union

You should be following Barking Carnival's Big 12 state of the union posts. Yesterday was KU's turn. Also, don't miss Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Baylor.

Pac-12 Network Launch

Spencer Hall was at the Pac-12 Network launch. For those interested in the TV issues, this is an interesting read.

Mmm, College-Branded Pop-Tarts

You know what I've often said to myself when I sit down to enjoy delicious Pop-Tarts? "Man, I sure wish these came branded with college logos." My wish has been granted.

Proof that St. Louis is a Dump

Missouri lost a recruit because he went to St. Louis and didn't like it. There's so much funny about this, I don't know where to begin.

Augusta National admits women

Augusta National admitted its first two female members yesterday. So now, only 99.99999999% of women are excluded from the club.