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K-State Slate: 8.17.12


Sam Harvill

OK, this is a weird one. Apparently Sam Harvill went missing Wednesday, and his parents were concerned enough about to contact the Riley County Police Department. And now RCPD has gone into full "missing person" mode.

As of today, there is no news and Harvill remains missing. Obviously, our thoughts here at BOTC are with his family and friends, and we certainly hope there is a positive resolution to this unfortunate matter.

The other part of the story that is weird is that, despite being removed from the roster, Harvill apparently remained a part of the program and was living in Manhattan. Perhaps his rehab was going to stretch into another season?


No sign of Chaquil Reed yet, but apparently Demonte Hood has popped up in the white pages. Grayshirt rescinded in light of other defections, perhaps?

No firm news yet on Tavarius Bender. (Premium link.) For those who aren't aware, there's some scuttlebutt that he has left the team this week, but his dad denies it and no one knows for sure. Guess we'll find out tomorrow.


News flash: K-State lacks depth on its defensive line. Tell me something I don't know. Hood could help with that.

The Topeka Capital-Journal seems to have a different opinion on the matter, though. Can you say sunshine?

B.J. Finney likes his spot anchoring K-State's offensive line.

Tre Walker practices what he preaches.

Curtis Kitchen wonders if K-Staters should temper their expectations for the upcoming season.

Probably doesn't belong here anymore, but Lamark Brown scored a touchdown last night for the Atlanta Falcons. I didn't see it because I don't waste my time watching NFL preseason games. Now he just has to make the roster.

While Brown had four catches for 47 yards, our own Emmanuel Lamur posted five tackles. Good luck to him.

We own Texas. There's some prize quotes on that one, especially as they pertain to the stadium lights and to KU.


The team will conduct its media day and annual Purple-White scrimmage Saturday. Admission is free and people can head over to Ahearn Fieldhouse as soon as football's Fan Appreciation Day wraps up at the Bill.


K-State wrapped up its Brazil trip with a visit to the famed Copacabana Beach.

After a 10-hour return flight, they cleared customs in Atlanta and now are on the way home. For the record, I'm still working on that trip wrap-up.


K-State has hired former Texas A&M assistant coach Mike Clement to replace John Szefc as hitting coach.

Clement likely was a student assistant at aTm, much like current Aggies hitting coach Andy Sawyers was before we hired him away — only to see him return to College Station years later in the same capacity. Hm, I don't like that pattern.


Lydia Placzek has joined K-State's equestrian coaching staff, possibly to offset the loss of consonants that resulted from Szefc's departure to Maryland.

Track and Field

Silver medalist Erik Kynard appeared on the Tonight Show with David Letterman last night. I DVR'ed it, but haven't yet had the time to watch. Before the Wednesday taping, he signed autographs for fans.

The National (with apologies to Morse)

Kansas castoff Jordan Webb will be Colorado's starting quarterback this fall. I frankly don't know which school that makes look more pathetic. It's probably a tie.

P.S. Man, it really sucks to be Connor Wood, huh?

The really funny part of the story, though, is a little creative editing by the Colorado athletic department. Chuckle.

Despite endless speculation, the false Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu won't transfer and play anywhere else this season, either FBS or FCS — he's kinda sorta in rehab.

It's official: adidas has lost its g****mn mind. Yes, tradition-bound Notre Dame actually will wear those POS unis.

It's not precisely a conference preview, but Bill C's overview of the not-so-dearly departed Aggies still holds some relevance for those of us in Big 12 country.