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K-State Slate 8.16.12


As BracketCat posted (K-State Sports release) earlier the Cats did not play the last game in Brazil due to scheduling conflicts. I'm speculating the scheduling conflict is that the same referees were scheduled to officiate the last game as called the foul-fest. Of course I have no basis for my speculation.


  • A nice article on the Offensive Line and the challenges they face this year. I'd like to see B.J. Finney score a touchdown at some point in his career, maybe Coach Snyder can scheme a legal fumblerooski for him.
  • Another article on the running backs for this year. After the last line in this article, I very much hope that one game is broadcast nationally so I can see the offense.
  • K-State Sports Extra's first article is with Del Miller in a series where the coaches give an in-depth look at the position they coach. Joe Bob Clements is the second coach interviewed.
  • Mr. Brown is named to the mothership pre-season All-American Team at the honorable mention level.
  • Etc.

    Erik Kynard to appear on Letterman tonight at 10:35 p.m. CDT.
    An interesting article on the UNC investigation.