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K-State Slate: 8.13.12

Monday the 13th has a more appropriate sound to it than Friday the 13th, I wonder how the Friday the 13th meme developed?


BracketCat has a write up on the Cats winning in Brazil, as does Sunday's win as reported by and What I'm liking about the reports is the whole roster is playing, which will help rest guys and give the new coaching staff a better idea of everyone's capabilities. Nine games are nationally televised this season, go those of us living outside of the K-State TV network.


Front page at is Erik Kynard. I was not impressed with NBC's coverage of the closing ceremony, either the closing ceremony was not so good or NBC's editing of it was horrendous, although it could have been a combination of the two. If it is a tape delay, and everyone knows it is a tape delay then why are you trying to make it seem live by your comments? Jon has another great write up of the Olympics to finish up his series.


Braden Wilson is featured in this writeup. Yet another preview of K-State. And Ubben writes about the K-State Camp.