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K-State Slate: 8.10.12


K-State Basketball

The Big 12 basketball schedule is set. Disappointingly, K-State's game at Texas will air on the Longhorn Network. While I'm not outraged by conference games on LHN, it should be reserved for games that are unlikely to be picked up by other outlets. K-State/Texas rarely falls into that category, and shouldn't this year.

Looking at the schedule, it's not hard to see the most demanding stretch. Take out the Texas Tech game, and I agree.

K-State Football

Tyler Lockett is back to full speed, but getting to that point was far from a guarantee. What's more, he may be even better if the added size helps him absorb hits better this year.

The Olympics

K-State's Darius Draudvila, competing for his native Lithuania, finished 25th in the men's decathlon at the London Olympic Games.

Big 12 Football

Bill moves on to preview the other Big 12 newcomer, Texas Christian University. Do you believe in "the grind theory" of major-conference membership, or will TCU adjust to its toughest schedule in almost 20 years?

The Inferno of High Expectations

Using Dante and the overrated teams of college football seasons past, Spencer Hall examines the inferno of high preseason rankings.