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K-State Slate: 7.6.12


K-State Basketball

Bruce Weber has inherited a veteran roster, and for that he's thankful. He's also working to build the roster for the future.

16 Goals

Texas has released its "R.I.S.E." video for this season, but over at BON they are quite impressed by K-State's 16 Goals series.

Greatest Sports State

What's the greatest sports state in the nation? According to the mothership's Jon Bois, it's Alabama. Cue Anon's criticism of the methodology in 3..2...1...

Big Regrets

Also over on the mothership, Jason Kirk has the 12 most regrettable college fan pride videos ever made. Obviously, we make the list with our powertowels, but Texas A&M is criminally underrepresented. Between us, the KU clapping video and We Are Mizzou, the I-70 corridor is well represented.

Distended Stomachs

One more from the mothership, as EDSBS' Spencer Hall "competed" in the CrifDog Classic hot-dog-eating contest on July 4th. Let's just say he did not put much of a scare into Kobayashi.