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K-State Slate: 7.31.12


K-State Football

Bill Connelly is doing video previews for the top 25, which begins with K-State. As you can all see from this video, Bill is clearly an evil person who hates K-State with a burning fury.

We also have preview videos for each conference, including the Big 12!

K-State is not as exciting to watch as other Big 12 teams in that they don't spread the field and throw the ball 50 times per game, but if you like throwback football, then there's something there for you. At least we're not a rolling disaster.

Big 12 Football

ESPN will pay $80 million per year for the Champions Bowl, or exactly the same amount as it paid for the Rose Bowl.

Iowa State linebackers A.J. Klein and Jake Knott form one of the best tandems in the conference. They also look a lot alike. Well yeah, one's from Iowa and one's from Wisconsin, both of which are practically Canada, so that doesn't seem like such a surprise to me.

Don't be a dumbass

Michael Dyer is leaving Arkansas State now after transferring in from Auburn. His dismissal stems from a violation of team rules, which was summed up pretty well by the cop who stopped him, who told him he was "being a total dumbass."